What is an Accredited VSO/ NSO / CSO / Agent?

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What is an Accredited VSO/ NSO / CSO / Accredited Agent?

An Accredited Represntative is someone who has gone through formal training and has applied with the Department of Veterans Affiars.  They must pass a test administered by VA in order to be recognized by VA to become Accredited.  By doing this, they can represent you (the veteran or family of a veteran) with the claim process.

There are several accredited individuals, organizations and Attorney/Agents out there.

They are refered to by various abbrivations;

     VSO = Veteran Service Officer

     NSO = National Service Officer

     CSO = In some places ~ County Service Officer or Chapter Service Officer

     CVSO = County Service Officer

Many non-profit organizations have these Service Officers, such as for example;

     DAV - Disabled American Veterans

     VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars

     American Legion

An Accredited Agent is one who went through a VA OIG Background and tested by VA to handle claimants Claims.  they have the same access as a VSO/NSO to your claim file and are allowed by VA to represent you.  Many Accredited Agents do charge a fee as well as some who do not.

For more information about who can represent you and what they may charge (if any), follow this link's to VA's web site.

VA https://www.benefits.va.gov/vso/

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