Welcome to Veterans Claims Assistance Group

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Welcome to our New Website!  Please feel free to browser around.  If you do not see an article on the front page, take a look at our 'Categories' link in the main menu.  You can also see some Frequently asked questions under the 'Resources' link from the main menu.

This website is an extension of our Facebook Group which was created in 2014 in order to help fellow veterans with their Claims.  As we continue to add information here, it is our hope that this site extends to those who do not use or care for Facebook.  We are not an Accredited Service officer or Organization, merely Veterans Assisting Veterans and while we do have members of our Admin Team that are Accredited or work for VA, we do not guarantee nor accept clients.  We do NOT accept funding in any form, nor do we ask for your donations.  What we do is because we are passionate about helping each other.

We would also like for you to register on our site, so please don't forget to do this.  As you may have noticed, we also have set up a web based forum for your use which does require a separate user registration than this site and can be found from the main menu 'VCAG Forums'.

Should you have any questions that we may be able to help with, please use the 'Contact Us' link from the menu.

Again, Welcome to our New Website and we hope it provides a ton of help in your VA Claim Process!

Dave Gruger