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Many Veterans who were on jump status avoided going to sick call while on active duty so as not to be taken off of jump status, or because it was frowned upon by their command.

After leaving active duty, sometimes several years after, they attempted to file a claim with the VA for service-connected disabilities such as

Home Healthcare Tip

When you are dealing with the VA for home health care options, it is common for the VHA to not explain that if you track hours and activities of daily living yourself, that can then be used as evidence to maintain the current level of care or to request an increase in hours or pay tiers.

This sheet can be used to track hours and tasks done by the:


Before you file a claim or continue with your appeal, please understand what the VA needs to approve any claim.

Any condition claimed has to be MEDICALLY documented in your records:

How to Understand Your VA Claims File (C-File)

To file an initial or second appeal, you'll need to request your claims file from the VA. Here's what you'll find.

When you apply for disability benefits, the VA creates a claims folder. Information you send to the VA, records the VA obtains on your behalf, and documents created by the VA are all in this folder. The claims file is commonly referred to as the “C-file.”


Most veterans are aware they can appeal their compensation and pension decisions from the VA if they disagree with an entire VA decision or even just a portion of their decision.  An appeal is a veteran's disagreement with a determination by VA to deny a benefit, request for reconsideration of a determination, or direct appeal to a higher level, such as the Board of Veterans' Appeals (Board).

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