Getting Started

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How Do I Start?

If you are starting out fresh in the VA Claims Process, there are many things that you should do.  It is wise to research and find a good Representitive to help you with your claim.  You work doesnt stop there!  You need to be actively involved with your claim process and this requires you to do your research, dig up evidence and obtian evidence through your Service Training Records as well as Service Medical Records.

Next you will or should obtain Nexus letters from your doctors that link the conditions you wish to claim to your Service.  You can also have family, frineds and those you served with write Statments concerning the condition which may be an accident they witnessed and or how it effects you from day to day.

The more you have in support of your claim will help your Representitive better file the claim and also a better chance of being awarded the disability by VA.

If you are requesting an increase rating for a condition you already are rated for, all the above still aplies.

For a new claim or re-open of a claim you are rated for or have existing VA Disability ratings, it is always good to request a copy of your C File (Claims File) from VA.  this contains everything VA Benefits Administration has on you and your previous cliams and ratings.

What is new in VA Benefits

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File Your First Claim

Do's and Dont's of filing your first claim.

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