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Benefits of obtaining 100% schedular

• At 100% schedular, you can work with no issues.

• Full healthcare with no copays at 50% or more.
• Travel pay at 30% or more.
• Dependent's pay at 30% or more.
• VR&E at 10% or more.
• Base IDs at 100% IU or schedular (Exchange/Commissary/MWR) unless you are retired military.
• VA dental at 100% IU or schedular or with VR&E or SC mouth or jaw injuries.
• Possible SSDI (Time Limited!)
• S-DVI waiver of $10,000 life insurance at 100% IU or SSDI (Time Limited!)
• CHAMPVA (dependent's medical) if you are permanent (P&T) unless you have TriCare.
• DEA (dependent's education) if you are permanent (P&T).
• Federal student loan forgiveness at 100%, IU or schedular or SSDI.
• VADIP (VA Dental Insurance Program) for dependent's if CHAMPVA eligible and the Veteran. 
• Space-A Flights (Cat VI) at 100% - Veteran only

• Hearing aids and eye exams and glasses are included with VA Healthcare. 
• Here is a link to all the federal benefits.
• Don't forget each state has benefits also and may include tax exemptions, tuition waiver and more. Here is a link but check your state VA website for more details.

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